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I have such talented friends.  It’s a love/hate relationship with them all because on the one hand I love surrounding myself with their intelligence/creativity/abilities and I’m very proud of them; however, on the other hand it makes me extremely jealous.  

One friend in particular has been a pain in my musical side ever since we were kids competing in piano competitions.  She can play any instrument she picks up, she writes music, and she’s not a bad singer either.  If I weren’t jealous enough of her for her brains and her hair, then being jealous of her musical abilities brings me to the max.  Recently, she sent me four instrumental piano songs she had written, and I cannot stop listening to them.  All the time.  

So of course I have to share one; and it was not easy deciding which.  S - please don’t kill me, but the world has to know!

Ever yours,



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This is incredible! I wish I had something snazzy like this when I was taking piano lessons. Love this!! :-)

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